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IT Account Manager

The IT Account Manager allows IT students to create and modify their own account. An IT account is required to be able to log into any of the lab computers and to use the wireless or 802.1x switches in the IT department. You may use the Account Manager to modify your password, email address, and phone number. Providing an email address allows you to be contacted for system maintentance and announcements.

IT Account Requirements

What is required to obtain an IT account?

The account manager will walk you through the steps helping you to create your IT account. It will show you which steps you have already taken and which steps still need to be completed. The account manager aims to make account creation as easy as possible.

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Why do I need a CAEDM account?
CAEDM accounts are required because the CAEDM system allows us to verify that you are enrolled in an IT class.
Why do I need my Net ID and Password?
Net IDs and Passwords are used to verify who you are when creating your account, as well as to perform a password reset.
Is it safe to enter my passwords and other information?
Yes! You will notice that the IT Account Manger uses SSL or https to transmit all information. This allows your information to be safely sent to different servers for authentication, account creation, resetting a password, etc.
Why do I have to wait 5-10 minutes after creating a CAEDM account?
CAEDM will generally perform actions, such as account creation, on time intervals. The amount of time you need to wait depends on when they last performed those actions. It can take up to 10 minutes for a CAEDM account to be created. It can also take less time.

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